Published on 08/11/2016 3:28 am
Songhua Lake

Songhua Lake in Jilin City in the southwest, and 15 kilometers from the city center. It is building hydropower stations to intercept the Songhua River, into the lake formed by the dam stack. It waters of the vast lake fork range, shaped like a dragon. Lake was elongated shape, such as a plane overlooking the Songhua like a string of glittering pearls. The string of "pearl" length of 200 kilometers, 10 kilometers widest point,travel to Jilin guide the deepest 75 meters. Lakes area of 500 square kilometers, the maximum storage capacity of 10.8 billion cubic meters. Songhua Lake in 1988 the State Council approved a national key scenic spot. Area of 700 square kilometers. Songhua Lake in geographical location, the four seasons climate, beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Songhua Lake body of water, forests, mountains.

Songhua Lake beauty, beauty in Hsiu. Water conservation and soil conservation forest coverage rate of more than 70% of the lake, forming a unique beautiful scenery: spring, trees Tucui recovery of all things; summer, trees, birds valley; Autumn, Man Shan leaves, cenglinjinran ; winter Yushu Qionghua, snow. Barry Lakes,Public China Holidays is full Matsuoto Jingtao, singing birds, fascinating.

Songhua Lake with its beautiful natural landscapes attract people in the city. Many domestic and foreign photographers to the Songhua Lake, all of the static and amazing water here, the odd mountain, Sau Lin, stone differences. Famous poet He Jingzhi After exploring the Songhua Lake, emotion, wrote "less water out of the Three Gorges, West Hsiu no, this line Fan Li Ao, I lose Songhua Lake," the poem. June 1994, Jiang Zemin came here, gladly wrote the inscription: "mountains Songhua Lake."

Songhua Lake Scenic ten points relatively independent area. In the dam is divided into east and west coasts,China tourist the construction of a variety of nursing homes, called spa resort; walk to the lake from the Songhua fullness pier, there is camel peak, Fung Mo pool, tigers Island, lying Longtan, Shilong wall, Motian, the amount He Island and other tourist areas. Some resorts have been developed or are being developed, and some resort still retains the original style.

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