Published on 08/08/2016 4:18 am
Tourism can grow knowledge

Guilin Lijiang River Scenic Area is the world's largest and most scenic tourist area of karst landscape, thousands of years that I do not know how many intoxicated men of letters. Scenic Lijiang River in Guilin Guilin as the center, north of Xinan Lin dyke, south of Yangshuo,travel to guilin a water connected by the Lijiang River.

Guilin to the "green mountains, hills,China tour videos odd holes," Ruin famous. Guilin Lijiang River Scenic Resort range in the short term can only choose its main attractions were the tour, one of Jiang (Li River), two holes (Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Crags), three Shan (Solitary Beauty Peak, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill) representative, they are basically the essence of Guilin landscape lies.

Travel agencies organized two-day tour of Guilin,History of China usually the first day of travel Solitary Beauty Peak, Folded Brocade Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Crags; the next day by the Li River to Yangshuo.

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